Published May 22nd, 2024

Modern home design & technology

Written by Level Home Staff

Modern home design: Embracing innovation with smart technology

Welcome to the future of home design! Gone are the days when home design was focused on the function of the space over the aesthetic appeal. Today, it's all about creating spaces that are visually appealing, created with sustainable materials, and highly functional, with the latter being heavily technology-driven.

What is a modern home style?

Before we get into the ways technology has transformed modern home design, let’s define what a modern home style is. A hallmark of modern design is clean lines, often creating geometric shapes. Modern homes lean on simple, minimalist decor, natural colors, and negative space.* However, it’s not all neutrals, some modern designs still opt to incorporate a bold statement piece.

Modern home’s also typically include a lot of glass to maximize the opportunity for natural lighting and improve the indoor/outdoor flow.

*Designers achieve negative space by decluttering and removing things from the space, much like you would do for spring cleaning or if you’re embracing minimalism.

Technology and modern home design

According to US News & World Report, homeowners have a renewed focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Reducing your impact on the environment is easier with the help of smart technology, and thanks to industry innovations you no longer have to sacrifice form to gain function.

Take smart lightbulbs for instance, not only is the LED technology energy efficient, but they can be operated remotely for your convenience; forget to shut off the light before leaving for work? No problem. And it doesn’t stop there – imagine entering your impeccably designed living room without fumbling for keys thanks to a smart lock, coming home to a freshly vacuumed house thanks to a smart vacuum, or being able to check what’s already inside your smart fridge while you’re at the grocery store.

Say goodbye to bulky smart technology

In the past, homeowners had to decide between convenience and design when it came to smart technology. Now, thanks to industry innovators, smart tech has advanced enough to allow beautifully crafted designs with all the available functionality you would expect from a smart device.

Take Level locks for example, smart devices that fit in the same space as your average deadbolt – no bulky boxes inside, no chunky hardware outside.

And Level isn’t the only company embracing the importance of design in smart tech; check out the latest trends from the NAHB 2024 International Builders’ Show to learn how smart technology is transforming in the building industry.

Modern tech and the indoor/outdoor flow

Modern upgrades like doorbell cameras, retrofit smart locks, or motion-sensor lights can take your front entryway from outdated to cutting-edge in no time. Not only do these upgrades enhance security, but they can also add a modern flare to your curb appeal and increase the ease of the aforementioned indoor/outdoor flow. Embrace the transformation and let your entryway doors become guests’ first impression of modern sophistication in your home.

Black front door with Level lock installed

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Smart technology is the perfect compliment to your modern home

Incorporating smart tech into your modern home’s design isn't just about keeping up with trends – it's about embracing innovation that enhances your lifestyle. By integrating technology into your living space, you not only add value but also convenience and peace of mind.

So why wait? Take the first step and upgrade to smart locks today to experience the perfect blend of style, security, and sophistication!