Published August 2020 | Updated April 2024

A Smart Front Door Makeover: When Convenience Meets Style

Written by Level Home Staff

Ideas to redo your front door

As the focal point of your entryway, your front door is an essential part of your home. It plays a vital role in building a good first impression with everyone from family and friends to prospective buyers. An attractive front door adds value to your overall space by enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

While the color and size of an entrance door are its most prominent features, other aspects like style, material, durability, and safety play a role as well. Your attention to detail while picking the various details of the door, like the door handle and door color, will affect how your door looks and feels. Many homeowners search for ways to curate a front exterior that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How exactly does a stylish front door benefit you as a homeowner? Keep reading to learn about the impact of a quality front door and how you can update yours.

3 Ways a front door makeover benefits homeowners

A front door makeover is all about using simple and elegant (and, of course, functional) features to transform your home’s exterior. You can achieve this with the help of a few smart updates — both professional and DIY projects — that will add to your home’s overall appeal.

1. A front door makeover adds curb appeal and home value

Your front door is the focal feature of your home and will be the first thing a prospective buyer notices when inspecting the property (if you plan to sell). An attractive and appealing door, complete with a Level lock, increases your home’s curb appeal and makes the other characteristics of your external facade look better by proximity.

2. Front door makeovers project a sense of safety and wellbeing

Front doors are the main point of entry into your sacred space. They act as a buffer when welcoming in trusted friends and family.

A sturdy and solid door, paired with a Level lock, gives your home the image of being protected, while also being inviting. Strong, well-equipped front doors project a sense of warmth and security for you and your community to enjoy.

3. A well-designed exterior door exhibits authenticity and style

A front door can be designed to complement the look of your home decor or stand out as a bold, contrasting statement piece. Either way, it is an effective way to display your personality and taste.

Many homeowners choose to mix and match styles, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes for the most stylish front porch when choosing new colors and hardware.

4 Easy ways to update your front door and entryway

Whether your front door is dull, dreary, or just plain uninviting, you can change its look—and add life to the entryway — with a few simple touches.

These easy front door makeover tips will inspire you to create the entryway of your dreams.

1. Invest in a smart lock

Some homeowners prefer clean, straight lines with minimal interruptions, and Level locks align with this visual philosophy. Do away with your boring, traditional lock and gain the added convenience of a smart lock.

Level lock is the smallest smart lock ever, designed for the contemporary homeowner. You won't have to worry about hiding your keys in a flowerpot or scrambling to find your keys while juggling groceries. Instead, you can easily unlock your door multiple ways - touch, key card, phone, voice, or even a plain old key.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

When trying to elevate your front door, a simple coat of paint can have a big impact. However, it’s worth considering the specificities before picking up your paintbrush. Are you going in for a basic touch up, or do you wish to redo the exterior by choosing a bold color?

Whether you go for a white, teal, navy blue, or deep brown door depends on how these door colors complement the rest of your home, like bricks on your wall or the color of your house.

You should also consider the hardware on your door. If you have a Level lock in sleek Matte Black, for example, perhaps you want a black door to match. If you go classic with a Polished Brass Level Lock and a matching OMNIA handleset, slate blue or white might be your favorite options. See what finishes pair best with other colors when choosing a new paint color.

3. Replace your current door

After prolonged exposure to the weather, door knockers, house numbers, hinges, and handlesets, doors can start to look a little worn out. Removing old door hardware and replacing it with new versions can transform the appearance of your entire property. The same goes for your door as a whole.

If your door is damaged, misaligned, or needs significant alterations, you can replace it with a new door altogether, perhaps choosing a model that fits better with your overall aesthetic.

You could also consider adding a frame or a trim around your door. Trims highlight the door itself, bringing attention to your doorway, and creating a polished, finished overall look. Consider adding trim in a contrasting color to your door to make it pop, or use the same color as your door to make it look larger than it really is.

4. Add outdoor decor

Outdoor decor can elevate the look and charm of your home. Try placing an assortment of plants on each side of your front door. Plants and planters of varying heights will help add depth and dimension to the area.

You might choose simple greenery or seasonal flowers that you can swap out if you decide on a refresh. Just be sure that your planters are firmly placed on either side of your welcome mat and are trimmed regularly – otherwise, your flower pots could go from adding aesthetic appeal to a tripping hazard.

You can also upgrade your current overhead lights or install new ones if you don't already have any. Lights make your home look more welcoming, particularly at night. A well-lit doorway not only looks attractive, but can also provide you with a sense of safety and protection.

When choosing new lights for your doorway, think about how you want the light to surround your entrance. Some lights will project light just below where they are hung, while others will also illuminate your garden. You can also choose from different styles of light fixtures, including sconces or sidelights.

Level Locks Add Convenience and Style to Your Front Door

Today’s innovative technology extends beyond indoor products to include a variety of outdoor products. From lighting to locks, the possibilities for a front door makeover are endless.

Level locks are perfect for homeowners looking to do away with traditional locks. Complete with easy, keyless access, Level locks help homeowners avoid the hassle of carrying keys altogether.

Look no further if you’re considering switching to a smart lock as part of your front door makeover. Level locks are advanced yet easy-to-use — with technology that incorporates all of your security needs into one small, elegant package.