Published August 2020

5 Must-haves for front door security and style

Written by Level Home Staff

Top 5 ways to balance front door security and style

The front door is the most vulnerable part of a home; 34% of burglars are turning the doorknob and walking right in. The good news is that you can take a few measures to improve front door security without compromising curb appeal.

Check out these 5 tips on how to secure your front door without sacrificing style.

Quality construction

Even the best lock won't protect you if the door is falling off its hinges or the surrounding frame is warped and rotten. Start by getting a new door, preferably one with a solid core. A solid core door made of wood or steel — or fiberglass with a wood core — is difficult to kick down.

The doorframe is the weakest entry point because it's always exposed to weather and heavy daily use. If your doorframe is older and showing signs of wear, consider replacing it. You can do this by installing one with a pre-hung frame. Or you can rebuild the doorframe using lumber. Another option is to replace old wood with fresh pressure-treated or engineered wood.

Consider reinforcing the door frame with a door reinforcement kit to provide an added layer of security. Such kits make the deadbolt more secure, keep the door firm, and make the hinges more difficult to pop free.

Deadbolt or smart lock

The lock on your front door plays a crucial role in deterring intruders. Most doors include a standard deadbolt lock that uses a specific key or its copies to unlock the door. Even so, many people opt to have a door chain, which ensures intruders don't easily push past you and gain access to the household when you open the door.

A smart lock offers more advanced security for your home than a traditional lock because you have the added benefit of smart features. Some smart locks come with a keypad and security camera that notify you when someone is trying to break into the house, allowing you to call for help or investigate what's going on. Many smart locks also allow you to access the lock remotely and unlock the door with your smartphone.

Video doorbell, keyless lock, and professional monitoring

Investing in a security system with a video doorbell, keyless lock, and professional monitoring may also be worthwhile. A smart lock coupled with a security system will deter burglars from your house who favor properties with minimal or zero security.

Many security systems include the option of a video doorbell, which will notify you when someone is approaching the front door and allow you to interact with them from anywhere. Plus, the camera will record anyone getting close to the front door, which could prove to be valuable evidence and help law enforcement track down intruders after a break-in.

A keyless lock offers an additional layer of security. You can change the code as needed to maintain security and check whether the door is locked from your smartphone.

Front door lighting

Lighting is the perfect opportunity to merge security and style. Good security lighting has several layers. For starters, consider adding light fixtures, boosting wattage, and cleaning the glass exterior on existing lights. Also, consider the lighting just inside the door, as well-lit interiors indicate that someone is awake and moving around. Lighting in the front yard should focus on the front door and any obscured surroundings.

There are multiple ways to add a stylish touch to your front-door lighting. You can match the light fixtures to the architecture of the house. Layering practical lights, such as a wall or pendant light, with more atmospheric lanterns can create a warm welcome to your home while increasing security.

Personal statement

There are dozens of new-style front doors to choose from. However, this doesn't mean you can't add your own personal touch and tell passersby and visitors who you are. Consider making a personal statement by:

  • Adding a hanging basket with flowers

  • Adding a welcome mat with your family initials

  • Adding a plant or some greenery

  • Giving the entryway a mini makeover

  • Placing a bench, small table, or a statement outdoor chair on the front porch

Keep style and security together at your front door

Home security is critical, but that doesn't mean you have to give up style. Adding a discreetly designed smart lock like Level Lock, along with these must-haves for front door security and style, will have you feeling more secure in your home -- and the neighbors envying your front door.


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