Published April 8th, 2024

Trends and Takeaways from IBS 2024

Written by Level Home Staff

Taking a look at the 2024 International Builders’ Show

The NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024 wrapped up earlier this year and our team at Level Home had the opportunity to attend alongside fellow building industry leaders. This year, the show had some amazing exhibits and heavy attendance from professionals enjoying the opportunity to collaborate and network. Let’s take a look at some of the main takeaways from IBS 2024.

“How you use the products, how they make your life simpler, how they interact and integrate with one another is the message that was coming across the most.”
— Shawn Pilar, Sr. Manager Strategic Partnerships at Level Home

6 big takeaways from IBS 2024

1. Smart home technology is the wave of the future

A notable transformation in the homebuilding industry is the widespread integration of smart technology. Instead of traditional appliances, manufacturers now offer smart versions, enhancing functionalities. This shift extends to simple upgrades like converting conventional light switches into controllable smart devices. Moreover, heightened competition among manufacturers is driving down prices, making smart home technology more accessible and affordable for consumers and professionals alike.

2. Connected homes are the new standard

In a connected smart home, each device seamlessly communicates with others, creating an integrated ecosystem that enhances the homeowner's experience. From lighting systems adjusting automatically based on occupancy to thermostats syncing with motion sensors for energy efficiency, the interconnectedness streamlines tasks and fosters a more comfortable and convenient living environment. With everything working in harmony, the smart home becomes a hub of efficiency and convenience, adapting to the homeowner's needs effortlessly.

3. Remote first

Homeowners now have the convenience of remotely interacting with their homes through smart technology, even while they're away. Whether it's adjusting the thermostat, checking security cameras, or controlling lighting, these capabilities offer peace of mind and enhanced control. Moreover, the integration of 3D virtual tours and immersive experiences in home buying and selling processes allows individuals to customize spaces virtually, such as altering floor finishes, providing an immersive and personalized exploration of properties from anywhere.

4. Invisible smart technology is trending

The concept of an "invisible" smart home, where technology seamlessly integrates into everyday life, is gaining prominence. Smart home devices are evolving to resemble regular products, with smart features becoming inherent rather than overt, resulting in less conspicuous technology.

5. Convenience, convenience, convenience

Smart home technology continues to advance, offering homeowners unparalleled convenience. Innovations like smart vacuums that can autonomously operate on a schedule exemplify this trend, allowing for effortless maintenance of the home environment without manual intervention. As these technologies become more sophisticated, they further streamline daily tasks, enhancing the overall comfort and efficiency of modern living spaces.

6. Homebuilding is going digital

Advanced software is revolutionizing the homebuilding industry, empowering contractors with a range of tools for efficiency and precision. From virtual tours that enhance marketing efforts to specialized software for estimating job costs, these innovations streamline processes and enhance decision-making. With an array of software-based displays and booths, contractors now have access to comprehensive solutions that optimize every aspect of the homebuilding process, from conception to completion.

Level locks debut at IBS 2024

This year, Level locks were exhibited on a model home built by Cavco in the outdoor expo area. A Level Lock+ and Level Keypad were installed on the garage door, offering over 80,000 attendees the opportunity to admire the elegant design and experience the smart features of the lock firsthand.

In years to come, Level will continue to explore opportunities to showcase products alongside our valued partners.