Published October 2022

How to Transform Old Door Locks Into Something New

Written by Level Home Staff

Is it time to replace or upgrade your old door lock?

Protecting your home is essential. That’s why it's always a good idea to learn how to identify old door locks and change or upgrade them from time to time.

If you've never considered upgrading your door locks, you may want to do some research on why it's important and how to do it. In this guide, we'll look at:

  • The various reasons why you should change or upgrade old door locks

  • The differences between rekeying and replacing old door locks

  • How to choose a new door lock suitable for your needs

  • How to change out an old door lock for a new one

Read on to learn what to do with old door locks.

Why should you upgrade old door locks?

There are several reasons to consider changing or upgrading your old door locks.

Reports of Break-ins in Your Neighborhood

If you hear about increased criminal activity in your neighborhood, it might be a good idea to upgrade your door lock to a more effective one. For example, if you’re concerned that criminals can pick your old door lock, you can upgrade to a smart lock to eliminate that possibility.

Lost Keys

You or the people who possess your door lock keys can lose them. Nevertheless, it's not a good idea to get more keys made without considering where that lost key may be and who might use it to enter your home. Changing your lock will help eliminate this concern.

Additionally, service providers or prior roommates may have the key to your door lock but no longer need it. Instead of trying to remember all the people who may have the key and collect all the keys, it’s probably easier and more beneficial to change the locks. With Level locks, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys because you’ll have access by phone, voice, touch, or key card (note: touch & key card access requires Level Lock - Touch Edition).

Damaged Locks

Locks have pins, springs, and moving parts that can be worn out or damaged by constant use. Rekeying the lock will not help fix the damage to the internal mechanisms. Changing the lock is the only way to fix a damaged or worn-out lock.

The Enhanced Security, Safety, and Convenience of Smart Locks

You may have already upgraded technology around your home that helps make your life easier in many ways. Now you can easily communicate with others or control appliances from anywhere you are. So why not do the same with your door by upgrading your locks to a smart lock? Smart locks offer better security and conveniences that your old, traditional locks can't match.

Replacing vs. rekeying old door locks

You do have the choice to rekey old door locks rather than replace them. However, for the DIYer, rekeying a lock is a bit more complicated than replacing one because it requires a rekeying kit. On the other hand, all you need to replace a Level lock is a screwdriver.

If you hire a locksmith, there's not much cost difference between having them replace or rekey a lock. The cost is almost the same or more, ranging from $80 to $300 depending on your geographic location. And in some cases, rekeying is not an option, such as when a door lock is damaged.

Choosing a new door lock

If you find that it’s time to replace your door lock, consider which type of door lock will give you more security and convenience than the one you currently have. Now would be a good time to look into smart locks. Smart locks offer many great features that will make your home more secure and convenient. Rather than simply replace your lock with a new version of the same old lock, why not take your home's entryway to another level?

How to change old door locks

In general, it's easy to change a lock yourself. The only tool you should need is a screwdriver. In some cases, though, a chisel may be necessary to remove excess material and fit a new faceplate.

To change your old door lock:

  1. Unscrew and remove the existing lock, deadbolt, faceplate and strike plate.

  2. Screw the new bolt in place and mount the faceplate on the front of the door.

  3. Install the lock hardware by placing the inside lock on the door and screwing it into the faceplate.

  4. Screw the new strike plate in place on the door jamb.

Note that if your new lock doesn't align with existing cutouts in your door and door frame, you may need to create new cutouts. If you need help installing a Level lock on your door, our Support Experts are available to walk you through the process, or recommend a HelloTech professional to install it for you.

Enhance your security and safety by changing your old door lock

A door lock is there to ensure your safety. When your old door lock is no longer effective at doing that, it's time for an upgrade. While you're looking for a door lock, why not consider the security and conveniences a smart lock can offer?

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