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Changing Relationships? Change Your Locks

Published February 2023, Updated March 2024

What to do with your door locks after a breakup

If you’ve recently experienced a breakup, Valentine's Day may feel less like a holiday and more like a hide-in-bed day. But before you make plans to binge-watch sappy movies while eating an entire box of chocolate, you might want to change your locks.

From heartache to headache: Updating traditional locks

The process of changing locks after a breakup isn't difficult, but keep in mind that if you rent or share ownership of a property, you’ll need to ensure that changing the locks is within your rights. It’s a good idea to check any potential legal issues before you start the process. Once you have the all-clear, you'll have a few different options for how to change the locks on your house.

Options to change locks after a breakup

Option 1: Hire a locksmith

If you like your existing hardware and want to keep it, a locksmith is a good choice, as they can rekey your lock without having to alter its appearance. A locksmith is also helpful if you don’t want to DIY your lock installation.

Option 2: DIY

If you’re into DIY, you can change your locks yourself, but keep in mind that locks come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so it’s important to do some prep work. Measure your existing lock and make sure you have the tools you need, like a screwdriver.

A smarter post-breakup solution

If you want to upgrade your traditional lock, a smart lock like Level Lock is a great option for you.

Easy to install

Level offers several easy-to-install smart lock options, including Level Bolt, Level Lock, Level Lock - Touch Edition, and Level Lock+.

  • Level Bolt turns you into your own locksmith, adapting to your existing hardware and using built-in magnets to help you line up everything perfectly on the first try.

  • Level Lock comes with exterior hardware for a fresh look.

  • Level Lock - Touch Edition allows effortless access to your home for you and those you trust with the touch of a finger or tap of an NFC key card.

  • Level Lock+ includes all the features of Touch Edition and Bolt, with Apple Home Key access for even more versatility.

Easy access

Level locks let you lock and unlock your door from your phone and send out temporary guest passes to friends (so you don’t even have to get out of bed when they bring you ice cream for your binge-fest).

Small and discreet

Level Lock is smaller than most smart locks, so you’ll gain all the benefits of a smart lock, without the extra bulk on your door.

Low maintenance

Unlike other smart locks that use quick-draining 9-volt, AA, or AAA batteries, Level Lock uses a lithium battery that you’ll change a couple times a year. Changing the battery is easy — simply unscrew the end of the deadbolt, replace the old battery with the new one, screw the end back on, and you’re good to go.

Easy to update

If you find yourself reaching for the chocolates again a few years down the road, the user-friendly Level app makes it easy to remove guest access at any time.

Upgrade your locks and move on from that breakup

Skip the hardware store and the locksmith and check out to learn more about the wide range of Level lock options to start your post-breakup life. Discover the sleek Level Lock+, or opt for the invisible Level Bolt. For even more convenience, pair your Level lock with a Level Keypad, so when you’re ready to get back in the dating scene, you can impress your date with an easy-to-remember personalized key code.

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