Aug 27th, 2020

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Are Smart Locks Safe Compared to Traditional Locks?

Are you considering upgrading your home security by switching to a smart lock? The rise of the smart home means that many are turning to automated security to easily share secure access to their home with family and friends. Smart locks offer convenience, but are they as safe as traditional locks?

Let’s talk about what makes smart locks different from traditional locks, so you can decide if a smart lock is the right choice to protect your home and family.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are automated versions of traditional locks, which use a physical key to put the deadbolt in place. They utilize technology to provide a new way to access your home - allowing you to lock and unlock your door without a physical key.

What Do Smart Locks Have That Traditional Locks Don’t?
  1. Smart locks can have keys like traditional locks — but don’t require them;

  2. Smart locks offer added convenience compared to traditional locks.

As smart locks become a more prominent option for homeowners, it’s important to understand the differences between smart locks and traditional locks.

Traditional locks are not automated and must be locked and unlocked manually. Typically, each door lock has its own key that, when inserted, pushes driver pins within the lock upward based on the pins on the key. Once the driver pins and key pins align, you can turn the key to unlock or lock the mechanism. The misalignment of pins with the wrong key would block the key from turning.

This lock structure usually remains the same for both smart and traditional locks, but the major difference is that homeowners interact with the locks in different ways to use them.

Smart Locks Can Have Keys – But Don’t Require Them

You still need a key for a smart lock to operate, however, this “key” doesn’t always have a physical form.

Smart locks operate by connecting to your home’s WiFi network or Bluetooth connection. They obtain operational instructions from an electronic device (like your smartphone) that allow the lock to function using a code or command sent from the smart device.

Some smart locks, like the Level Bolt, allow you to continue using your existing physical key to operate the door. This can prove beneficial if the smart device you use to lock and unlock your door is lost, stolen, or has a dead battery.

Smart Locks Offer Convenience

Smart locks allow users to manage their locks differently than with traditional models. With smart locks, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere because you can control everything remotely on your device. If you think you forgot to lock your door, you can view the lock status on your phone without needing to go all the way back home to check.

Some smart locks can also integrate with security cameras, keypads, and other technology that you can control on your smart device. These additions provide even more security and convenience to your day by letting you know when someone is at your door or when someone has unlocked the door.

Are Smart Locks As Safe As Traditional Locks?

Yes, smart locks are as safe as traditional locks. Here’s why.

We have trusted traditional locks to secure our homes for centuries without questioning their capabilities. However, most standard locks are vulnerable to picking, not to mention how easy losing or misplacing a key is.

So, are smart locks any better? Smart lock technology is continuously evolving, which means smart lock security is always improving.

The best smart locks utilize modern authentication, encryption, and authorization technologies that are integrated into your security system, which can help minimize risk.

How Level Locks Are Better

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of a smart lock, explore Level locks. The smallest and most advanced smart lock ever complements your home without compromising your security.

Below are some of the features that make Level locks a great choice for your home.

Digital Keys: Make Life Easier for Visitors and Guests

With Level Lock - Touch Edition, you don’t need to worry about carrying around a loose key that can be easily misplaced. Digital keys sent through Level app allow your friends and family access to your lock, with options to set time-based durations and revoke access at any time. Guests can unlock or lock your door, as well as enable features like Auto-Lock or Touch-to-Unlock for ultimate convenience.

Keep Track of When the Door Was Locked and Unlocked, and By Who

Level app adds increased transparency by tracking lock activity. You can see who locked or unlocked your front door on your phone, wherever you are*. This feature is useful if you’ve given a friend temporary access to your home while out on vacation, or you have a recurring guest like a dog walker. You’ll always know who’s come and gone.

Multiple Options for Locking and Unlocking

There are a wide range of options for locking and unlocking your front door with Level. All Level locks give you the convenience of using your phone, voice, or even a plain old key to enter your home. And with Level Lock - Touch Edition, you can gain entry by touching the lock with your finger, or tapping a key card.

How you enter or exit your home has never been easier. You may prefer to enter by touch, while your partner prefers to unlock with a keycode. With multiple ways to enter, you can choose to enter in a way that works best for you.

Superior Security Features

Level doesn’t just make locks with top-quality craftsmanship and materials; there’s added cutting-edge technology to Level locks that deliver superior security features, like automations and notifications*.

Level locks are built with stainless steel and strengthened metal alloys while being certified BHMA AAA, satisfying the industry standard for security, durability, and reliability.

Want a Safer, Smarter Home? Time To Upgrade to Level

If you’ve decided to switch your traditional lock with a smart lock, Level has the products you need to make your entryway smart and elegant. Advancing technology means that smart locks will eventually be the new standard for homes — and with Level, you won’t have to compromise design for convenience or security. Because Level locks look like a traditional lock, you’ll gain convenience invisibly.

*Requires a HomeKit hub or Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Sidewalk enabled.


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