Published May 2024

Walmart+ InHome delivery made easier with Level smart locks

Written by Level Home Staff

Walmart+ InHome delivery made easier with Level smart locks

Level Home has partnered with Walmart+ InHome to make grocery delivery as safe and convenient as possible for customers. With Level locks and the Walmart+ InHome app, trusted Walmart associates can deliver groceries right to your refrigerator. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more about how Walmart+ InHome delivery and Level locks can revolutionize the way you get your groceries.

How does Walmart+ InHome delivery work?

InHome delivery from Walmart is a new kind of convenience for your everyday life. The enhanced delivery service enables specialized Walmart associates to shop for you and deliver your groceries inside your house with the use of smart lock technology. No more coming home to spoiled food because you got caught in traffic on your commute – Walmart+ InHome associates can place your perishable items directly into the fridge or freezer, even if you’re not home.

Is Walmart+ InHome delivery safe?

We’ve worked closely with Walmart to make this service possible without compromising your home security. Walmart’s highly trained and vetted associates are equipped with a one-time use, encrypted code that can only unlock your door during your chosen delivery window.

What is the experience with Walmart+ InHome delivery like?

You can find reviews from InHome customers at or from independent reviewers like Business Insider;

“...I think it's the best delivery service I've used so far.”
— Su-Jit Lin (Walmart InHome customer and Business Insider reviewer)

Stop worrying about grocery shopping thanks to Walmart+ InHome

We share a mission to lean into the latest technology to make everyday life more thoughtful, practical and convenient. Walmart+ InHome raises the bar for what is possible and is an example of how smart technology allows service providers to focus on providing best-in-class experiences - without disrupting people’s everyday lives.

Learn more about Walmart Inhome delivery and Level locks, or visit to sign up today.

Walmart+ InHome Delivery FAQs

Can I get a Level lock at Walmart?

If you already own a Level lock, you can sign up for Walmart+ InHome to get more use out of your smart device. If you don’t already own one, you can buy a Level lock:

Find out where else you can buy Level locks.

How can I find out if Walmart has InHome delivery in my area?

Walmart offers InHome delivery service in many areas, including Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Jose, Tampa, Washington D.C., northwest Arkansas, and southeast Florida.

To find out whether Walmart offers the service in your area:

  1. Go to Walmart's delivery address check page (you'll be asked for your account info).

  2. Log in to your Walmart account (or create one).

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the address where you’d like your groceries delivered.

How do I sign up for Walmart+ InHome delivery?

You can sign up for InHome delivery as part of a Walmart+ membership.