March 4th, 2024

Smart Lock Buying Guide

Written by Level Home Staff | Fact Checked by Eric Schoneberger

How To Choose The Right Smart Lock For Your Home

So you know what type of smart lock you want to buy, but now you need to figure out what lock is best for you. If you're asking yourself which smart lock you should buy, it's time to consider a few important smart lock features.

Key Smart Lock Features To Look For

Remote Access

Want the ability to control your smart lock when you’re away from home? Ensure the smart lock you buy allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere (typically via wifi connectivity) so you can easily open your door to people like your housekeeper or dog walker.

Smart Home Compatibility

If you currently have other smart home devices, a smart lock may be a good addition. Once your devices are connected, you can perform several tasks like setting up some smart locks to open with a voice command or scheduling recurring access for those who come and go and set times.

If you've already embraced a particular smart home platform, ie. Apple HomeKit, Sidewalk/Alexa, Google Home, it is important to make sure the lock you pick is also compatible with that platform.

Auto-Lock and Unlock

Is remembering to lock the smart lock a concern for you? Get one with auto-lock and unlock features that you can enable to unlock the smart lock when you approach the door and lock within a specific time after you leave.

Mobile Device Compatibility

You may want to use your smartphone to control, monitor, or access your lock. Before you buy, be sure that the smart lock is compatible with your device.

Multiple Access Options

As mentioned above, some smart locks allow access in multiple ways. If you prefer to have more than one way to unlock your smart lock, buy one with various access options like touch, phone, key cards, voice, or even a physical key.

Smart Lock Prices

Although some price differences come down to manufacturer and product quality, many also relate to the features you choose. Smart lock prices range from about $100 for a basic keypad up to almost $600 for a keyless deadbolt that you can connect to your smart home system and control from anywhere.

Security Considerations

Smart locks are a safe and secure option for guarding your home against intruders and break-ins. If you’re concerned about the security of a smart lock, you can always check the BHMA/ANSI product grading.

Are smart locks compatible with all doors?

Any door can be smart lock compatible, but you might have to do more work to make it fit if you buy a lock without correctly measuring beforehand. It’s important to measure things like the backset of your door to ensure the smart lock you’re buying will be compatible with your door. If you find a lock you really like and it doesn’t fit in your door, there may be options to modify the door to make it work – you can consult a professional installer on the best path forward.

Ready to shop for a smart lock? Learn the door terminology you need to know when working with a professional locksmith or shopping for a smart lock compatible with your door. And of course, regardless of the smart lock you choose, remember to keep the software up-to-date and replace the batteries for optimal performance.