Published November 2022

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Smart Lock

Written by Level Home Staff

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Smart Lock

Today's modern home would not be complete without smart appliances, a home hub, and smart locks. While the first two have gained a lot of traction in the past years, smart locks are still an up-and-coming feature for most homes. It's high time we put them in the right place — your exterior doors.

What Are The Main Benefits Of A Smart Lock?

Let's take a look.

1. No Need to Worry About Keys Anymore

What's the first thing that comes to mind when considering the question, "What is a smart lock?" They grant you keyless entry. While they also work with regular keys — very useful for some family members who don't have smartphones — you'll never have to worry about misplacing or losing your keys because you'll have multiple ways to enter. Smart locks can be locked and unlocked via a mobile app. More sophisticated designs, like Level Lock - Touch Edition, let you access your home with the touch of a finger or a programmable key card.

2. Let People in While You're Away

What if you have friends coming over and they arrive ahead of you? Or maybe they have to drop off something at your place while you are away. Perhaps there has been an incident and you need to grant access to a trustworthy neighbor. By allowing remote control, smart locks prove to be very handy in a lot of unexpected situations, including emergency access.

3. Keep Your Home Safer

What are smart locks if not a way to keep your home modern and safe? Level locks are certified to meet the highest industry standard for security, durability, and finish — BHMA AAA. This guarantees you get the most secure lock on the market. Plus, there is another benefit to your lock being smart: you no longer need hidden spare keys. After all, no matter how cleverly you disguise them, an experienced burglar would still know where to look.

4. Easily Open the Door While Holding Bags

How many times have you arrived home with a load of groceries and struggled to fish for your keys in the bag or pockets? Even when you manage to find and grab them, you still need to fit them in the keyhole and turn. With smart locks, all these troubles go away, especially if you use the auto-unlock function or a touch-enabled lock.

5. Ideal When Renovating or Getting Repairs

Renovations can be a headache, especially if you deal with several contractors, each with their own schedule. Instead of making a lot of copies and passing out keys, it's much better to grant them temporary access to your home via a smart lock app. This way, you can also keep track of who has entered and exited the house and how long they stayed inside. When their work is done, you can simply revoke their access and not worry about them being able to enter your home unexpectedly at a later time. It's just as useful when you expect a package or grocery delivery and don't want it to be left on the porch.

6. Auto-Lock for Peace of Mind

If you have to leave the house in a hurry, you often wonder whether you locked the front door. This either means you waste time heading back home to check or spend the rest of your day (or holiday) in anxious mode. With a smart lock in place, you can either set up the auto-lock feature or integrate the lock with your smart home hub to lock, unlock, and check its status remotely from a mobile app.

7. Control the Lights and Thermostat

Speaking of home integrations, an especially cool benefit of having a smart lock is including locking and unlocking the door in home automations. This way, whenever you get home and unlock the door, the lights in the hallway can automatically turn on, and the thermostat can adjust itself to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

8. An Affordable Investment

Are smart locks worth it? Absolutely. While there is an upfront cost for purchasing the smart lock of your choice, you can easily install it yourself, and the battery will likely last for six months to a year. If you occasionally rent the property or represent a company that needs to provide access to several people, a smart lock eliminates the cost associated with handing out keys, making copies, or replacing the lock when people lose them.

9. The Best Choice for Airbnb

Airbnb owners are among the earliest adopters of smart locks because the keyless entry helps them save time and money and enables better control over their schedule. Smart locks also improve guest experience and overall comfort. This, in turn, leads to better reviews and more earnings. A lot of business travelers filter by the "self-check-in" option on Airbnb, and having your property make the cut is a great deal.

10. Convenience for Guests

There are times throughout the year, especially around the holidays, when you have family staying over. The more the merrier, but if their schedules are wildly different, you won't have enough keys to pass around. Plus, the risk of someone losing them is not negligible. The easiest solution is to install a smart lock and grant them all access with a guest pass that they can use to their heart's desire. You can also integrate a keypad. If some get home too late at night, there's no need to worry about rattling keys, missing the keyhole, or scratching the lock.

Harness Smart Lock Benefits Like a Pro

There are many other reasons to switch to a smart lock besides these benefits. They're a secure and convenient way to ensure access to your home only for those who need it and when they need it.

With a smart lock in place, you'll prevent unfortunate lockouts, maintain absolute control of the lock from anywhere, and fully enjoy the convenience of delivery services without having someone home at all times.

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