Published April 3rd, 2024

How To Fix A Noisy Door

Written by Level Home Staff

How to fix a squeaky door

A noisy door can be quite a nuisance, but it’s not as hard to fix as it may seem – you might even have tools around the house to fix it right now. Read on to learn how to make your door quieter.

Step 1: Identify why your door is creaking

The three most common reasons a door will squeak are:

  • Hinges - maybe they’re painted over, out of place, or just old and in need of a little TLC

  • Swelling - if you have a wooden door it likely swells and contracts with the weather

  • Alignment - sometimes doors do not fit properly in their frames, either from wear and tear over time or a mismatched installation. Your door alignment may be off if it doesn’t close all the way or sticks when you try to open or close it

Step 2: Determine the best fix for your squeaky door

Fixing squeaky door hinges

  • One of the easiest ways to fix a squeaking door hinge is by grabbing some lubricant (like WD40) from your local hardware store. People on TikTok have even recommended using a bar of soap if you’re in a pinch. Once you have your lubricant, simply grease up the noisy hinge or hinges and your door will be fixed!

  • If your hinge has been painted over, it may be squeaking as it moves because the paint adds volume to the parts, causing them to rub together. In this case, you can try scraping the paint off or using a paint remover that won’t damage the metal hinge

  • Sometimes the pin holding a hinge together starts popping out. In this case, the hinge won’t be properly aligned and the parts will scrape together making noise. The door will also likely not be in alignment and make noise as it pushes against the frame. In this case, you can try tapping the pin back in with a mallet

  • If all else fails, you can replace the hinge with a new one. Just make sure you know what size you need before purchasing!

What if your wooden door swells?

Swelling doors aren’t as easy to fix because the swelling is typically caused by humidity or temperature changes in the home. You can try purchasing a dehumidifier or grabbing a moisture absorber pack to reduce the humidity near the door. A swollen door will usually go back to normal on its own after some time and adjustment to the atmosphere, or when the weather changes.

Fixing improper door alignment

If your door isn’t sitting properly in its frame, it may be rubbing when you open or close it causing a creak. In this situation you can try tightening the screws on the hinges or replacing the hinges altogether. Sometimes improper door alignment will require a professional to fix and you will need to call a local carpenter.

Now that you know how to fix your noisy door, you can get some peace and quiet back. And next time you need guidance on door hardware, you can turn to the experts at Level Home.