Published August 2020 | Updated April 2024

Add style and security with a home exterior makeover

Written by Level Home Staff

Exterior update ideas for 3 common home styles

Is it time for a home exterior makeover? You can easily refresh external walls with a coat of paint in a neutral shade and clad them for added protection with a modern touch. This would also be a great opportunity to improve the security of your home by blending the convenience of state-of-the-art technology with your style of choice.

Let's explore how you can update the exterior of the most common home styles — Tudor, Ranch, and Craftsman — by adding new elements to elevate the design and improve your curb appeal.

How to update a Tudor-style home exterior


The Tudor-style revival in the early 20th century offered a fairy-tale cottage core charm, but it can be nerve-wracking to update the classic design. Here are a few ways to update the exterior of your Tudor home and preserve the charm:

  • Paint the brick walls and the stucco the same pale color, such as an off-white with cool gray undertones. Keep a slight contrast in the half-timber frames and awnings.

  • Install exterior home security cameras that blend in the color scheme and opt for a smart front-door makeover by invisibly upgrading your existing deadbolt.

  • Add copper accents to your roof and outdoor lights to bring a modern, yet timeless, touch to your Tudor home exterior style.

Pro tip: When updating a Tudor home, make sure you preserve its main features, like French doors and windows with muntins, architectural arches, and a neutral color palette.

Ideas to update a Ranch-style home exterior


A Ranch home only has one level and is low to the ground, though it may have parts of the house that appear higher due to a sloped ground. Modern Ranch homes tend to have an open floor plan, while older ones may not. Split-level houses are mid-century variations of the Ranch, sometimes called sub-styles, and are equally spacious and practical. Regardless of the sub-style, you can refresh your Ranch home with these tips:

  • Add sliding glass doors between your living space and the backyard patio to maximize space.

  • Build a patio if there isn't one — it's the perfect hangout spot for entertaining friends and family.

  • Enlarge small front windows. This will not only let more light in but may also increase property value.

  • Change the front door and fit it with a vintage door knocker and a matching smart lock. The most suitable colors for these accents are matte black and polished brass.

Pro tip: Landscaping is often overlooked when considering an exterior home makeover. With ranch-style houses, it's a must, and the best choices are round, oval, or freeform shrubs. These soften the angular home shape without clashing with its low height.

Enhancing your Craftsman style home exterior


Craftsman-style houses stand out with their wide and covered front porches, their low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves, and their earthy exteriors, built and decorated with natural materials. There are four types of Craftsman-style homes — Four-Square, Bungalow, Prairie, and Mission — and you can borrow elements from any of these to spruce up your home exterior.

  • A Craftsman-style front door can have quite an impact, and there are many ways you can play with its glass panels. Its charm will be the perfect disguise for high-end security locks, a must for every modern home.

  • Window boxes add a craftsman charm to any home exterior. Make sure they are only slightly wider than the windows and look like wood, even if they are made from rot-proof PVC.

  • Add Mission-style shutters with cutouts and match them to the window sills and boxes.

Pro tip: The right color palette can give any house a craftsman-style charm. Opt for earthy tones like cream or olive green and avoid white as it can be too stark.

What all homes need from an exterior makeover

As you can see from the suggested Tudor, Ranch, and Craftsman-style updates, the common ground for all efficient home exterior makeovers is to update the front entrance. This is the first thing that visitors and potential buyers see, and we all know how much first impressions matter.

So, if you're looking to refresh your home exterior, your best bet is to blend convenience with style and opt for a smart front-door makeover. An elegant and impactful solution will go a long way, and Level locks will blend in seamlessly with any of your chosen styles and designs.


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