Published August 2020 | Updated April 2024

Black Door Hardware: A Modern Decor Trend

Written by Level Home Staff

Trendy modern decor: Black hardware finish

Black door hardware has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to revamp the interior or exterior design of their homes. Installing black door handles and other hardware in your home can change the mood of any space adding a sleek, minimalistic vibe. Offering a unique alternative to more common finishes like chrome, nickel, and brass, black hardware makes a bold, yet modern statement.

This post will look at why black door hardware is rising in popularity and how a Level Lock can add a contemporary touch to your home. Keep reading to learn about this modern decor trend.

Is black door hardware here to stay?

Wondering if black door hardware will go out of style right after you make the upgrade? Here’s why it has remained popular after its rise to prominence during the 1800s.

Matte black door hardware is simple and stylish

While matte black provides a simple and clean look, it can also be a dramatic, daring color that gives off a strong and commanding presence. Matte black door hardware adds an architectural edge to any door or room. This finish also gives a space a classy, elegant look that will catch anyone’s attention.

Matte black door hardware shows fewer stains and fingerprints

Unlike polished finishes, matte black creates a smooth appearance that is less likely to reveal any stains or fingerprints. Since it’s not reflective, it can also hide small scratches or scuff marks on the surface. Matte black door hardware requires less maintenance, which means you won’t have to worry about discoloration or corrosion.

Black door fixtures match multiple styles of decor

Black is a versatile color that blends well with any interior, both traditional and modern, and goes well with a variety of materials from natural timber to marble. Black hardware stands out in neutral color schemes, while complementing brighter colors such as blue or pink as well.


Traditional black door hardware (like the one pictured above) can add a bold finish to period-inspired or country-style homes. Alternatively, more modern black door hardware (like levers or knobs) provide a contemporary touch without overshadowing your other design choices. Whatever your style preference is, dark-toned handlesets can complement it.


Complement your door hardware with a matte black smart lock

While some smart locks look clunky and unattractive, Level locks allow you to maintain the integrity of your home design while gaining the useful features of smart technology. Level Bolt is designed to replace your current deadbolt, invisibly transforming your existing lock into a smart lock. Level Lock, and Level Lock - Touch Edition, hide technology on the inside of the door, giving them the smallest footprint of any smart lock ever made.

Level Bolt: Making your current black door hardware smarter

If you love the look of your current black door hardware, Level Bolt can transform the deadbolt you already have to make it smart without sacrificing design.

To make sure your current black door hardware is compatible with Level Bolt, check the list of locks that have been verified to work well.

Level Lock: Impossibly small and sleek with a matte black finish

Level Lock is the smallest smart lock ever made. Powerful and elegant, Level Lock adds convenience and security while complementing the style of your door.

With a black matte black finish, Level Lock will set your door apart from others.

Level Lock - Touch Edition: The smallest and most advanced lock ever with a matte black finish

Level Lock - Touch Edition includes all the features and benefits of Level Lock, with added technology. With this lock, you can access your home with touch and key cards in addition to your phone or regular key.

Level Expressions: The ultimate matte black pair

If you want a perfectly matched matte black lock and handleset, you can pair a Level Lock or Level Lock - Touch Edition with an OMNIA lever to create an entryway experience above all others. Level Expressions is the ultimate pairing of innovation and style for the home, creating a convenient and elegant entry that sets the mood for the rest of your home decor.

Upgrade your black door hardware with Level

Make a statement by upgrading your door with a matte black Level Lock and black handleset. Since black door hardware fits into various design themes and styles, integrating black hardware into your door will elevate your entryway — giving it a clean, modern look.

Still not sure which Level lock is right for you? Contact our Support Experts with photos of your door and they’ll recommend which lock works best for your door.