Published July 2023 | Updated May 2024

Unlock the power of Apple Home Keys with Level Lock+

Written by Level Home Staff

Apple Home Keys and Level Lock+

From homes to hotels, offices to rental properties, smart lock technology is revolutionizing entryways. In fact, the U.S. smart lock market is expected to almost quadruple by 2030. Today's advanced smart locks, like Level Lock+, are Apple Home Key compatible and capable of integrating with the Apple Home app, a product renowned for its ease of use and stringent security standards.

Integrated communication is the hallmark of smart home systems, and Apple Home is a prime example. It automatically detects and configures smart home devices like TVs, thermostats, appliances, and security cameras. Apple Home also integrates seamlessly with compatible smart locks like Level Lock+ via Apple Home Keys.

How do Apple Home Keys work with smart locks?

The iPhone’s Home Key feature stores an encrypted passcode in your Apple Wallet, making it possible to use a compatible smart lock. With a simple tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch, the Home app pulls the home key from your Apple Wallet and engages with the lock.

This tap-to-enter feature works in much the same way as Tap to Pay, a feature you probably already use. When you tap to enter, your iPhone’s other operations continue unabated. There's no need to end a call, stop browsing the news, or pause that awesome podcast you’ve been into recently.

You've likely tapped to pay for your groceries—now, you can tap to enter your home via Level Lock+.

How does Apple Home Keys work with Level Lock+?

Level Lock+ uses a low-power NFC tag to trigger an action on your iPhone. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a type of RFID technology. In 2014, Apple first introduced NFCs in the iPhone 6 to enable contactless payments via Apple Pay.

Most NFC uses have been possible since the introduction of the iPhone XR in 2018, including the ability to trigger compatible locks. Think of it as a digital button that works when it's in proximity to a linked device, like the Level Lock+. It's simple—no network connectivity or battery is needed.

The benefits of using Apple Home Keys with Level Lock+

Level Lock+ simultaneously delivers security, convenience, and freedom. You can save time and enjoy peace of mind as you:

  • Lock and unlock your door remotely.

  • Monitor whenever someone unlocks your door.

  • Program it to automatically lock if you forget.

It's easy to lock or unlock your door with the touch of a finger or via the Level app. You can also use a key card or regular key. Furthermore, Level Lock+ gives you the ability to selectively grant access to others and monitor, from your iPhone, who’s opening your door—so you can make sure guests arrive safely and on time.

Discreet profile

Level Lock+ is small enough to fit within the door itself. The entire 24-ounce unit measures just 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches by 4.5 inches, most of which sits inside the door. With Level Lock+ and Apple Home, innovative, low-profile design merges with everyday convenience.

Learn more about Level Lock+ tech specs.

iPhone and Apple Watch convenience

Apple Home Keys lives inside the Apple Wallet app along with your credit cards and CarKey. If you have an Apple Watch, you can just leave your iPhone behind as you head off on your next run or other adventure. Upon your return, simply tap your watch on your Level Lock+, and boom, you’re in.

Worldwide access

Wherever you have internet access and the Level app on your iPhone, you’re in control with remote access. At your discretion, allow others—family, friends, delivery services, dog walkers, cleaning crews—to share access to your home.

Apple Home automation

Once you’ve installed your Level Lock+, you can create an Apple Home automation. For instance, it's possible to set it to turn on your lights and adjust the thermostat when you unlock the door. And it’s super easy—you can create an Apple Home automation in a matter of minutes.

Long-life battery and reserve power

The Level lock’s CR2 battery is compact and long-lasting, with a 6- to 12-month lifespan depending on the circumstances. When the battery has under 20% life remaining, you’ll see a “low battery” message in the Level app, giving you ample time to replace it. Power Reserve delivers additional peace of mind. This feature lets you use Apple Home Keys for hours after your iPhone requires recharging. Power Reserve works with iPhone XS and iOS 15 or later.

See the Level locks battery guide for more information.

Door compatibility

Level Lock+ is compatible with standard exterior doors that meet ANSI specifications. It only requires a properly operating door and latch. Check out our Door Compatibility Guides to learn more.

To make this ingenious smart lock a part of your Apple ecosystem, browse the full line of Level’s smart locks today.