Published February 2023

Level Lock+ and Level Keypad: The Perfect Pair

Written by Level Home Staff

Level Lock+ and Level Keypad: The Perfect Pair

We all remember the scenes from "Star Trek" when doors would open automatically as the owner of the space drew near, then lock behind them until permission was granted for someone else to enter. Although we don't live on a spaceship — yet — our door technology is getting close to recreating this sense of ease and security. Your door might not slide into the wall when it opens, but you can easily open the lock and control who has access to your space.

Level smart locks provide a technologically advanced, and beautifully designed, option to add convenience to your daily life, and make it easier to welcome in family and friends. And when paired with the Level Keypad, your smart door lock with keypad combo gives you even better control and more modes of access to suit all your family's needs.

Level Lock+: A Perfect Blend of Design and Convenience

The most impressive thing about Level Lock+ isn't its technology or capabilities. At its heart, what's most surprising is that it looks like just any other lock you would buy at the hardware store. It is a lock and a deadbolt. Simple as that. All the technology that powers it is hidden inside the bolt and lock face, making it virtually indistinguishable from any other deadbolt lock you might see on your neighbor's door.

But that's where the similarities end. Level Lock+ is an elevated version of other smart locks for your home. There's no more fumbling for keys in your purse or dropping bags when you have your hands full. (It can still be operated with a key, but you probably won't be using it a lot.) You can lock and unlock Level Lock+ in a variety of ways:

  • Apple home key

  • Touch of a finger

  • A key card

  • The Level app

  • Auto-lock and auto-unlock

  • A traditional key

Every method for locking and unlocking the door also comes with a record of who came in and out — and at what time. Apple Home Key, touch, key cards, and mobile app activation are registered to specific individuals, whose permission you can add or remove at any time. That way, you always know who has access to your home and when they use that access.

Level Keypad: Simple, Sleek Access for Guests

It's not just your household who needs access to your home. With the Level Keypad, dog walkers, cleaners, contractors, and anyone who might need temporary access to your house can come and go with ease. When installed along with your Level Lock, the Level Keypad enables you to provide temporary access to occasional visitors without giving them a physical object like a key, which can then be lost and used by anyone.

Instead, give these guests their personalized key code, which they can then use to unlock the door. When they leave, they only need to press the checkmark button to lock the door behind them.

Level Keypad has many benefits that keep your home secure and safe from unwanted visitors while also making access sharing easier than ever. First, the keypad will keep a record of who used a keycode to enter and when. So you'll always know who is coming and going from your home in real time in the Level app. Second, it's easy to manage the codes from your app and block access to anyone you need to. If someone is using your entry code for reasons other than what you have approved, you can remove the code and block that person's access.

Creating the Perfect Pair

With the best smart lock and keypad combination on the market, Level offers the perfect pair. On the door itself, you have a traditional-looking lock with a deadbolt that works not only with a physical key, but also with Apple Home Key, touch, a key card, or an app. If your visitor or guest wants effortless access, you can issue them a personal code that they can enter on the nearby keypad, phone-free.

The keypad can also be installed at a distance from the lock, in a discreet area. This adds another layer of protection, as a hidden keypad can serve as a security buffer for those who might want to hack their way in — there's nothing to hack if there's no keypad to be found.

And, of course, both the lock and the keypad keep a record of the entries and exits from your home, so you’ll always know who’s coming and going.

Securing Your Home Has Never Been So Easy

With so many ways to control and manage entry to your house, the Level Lock+ and Level Keypad combination is the perfect solution for people who care about security, design, and convenience. The carefully crafted lock and deadbolt fit any standard American door, so there's no need for professional installation. The technology embedded in the bolt gives you unprecedented access, with several ways to open the door — all depending on the needs and habits of your family members. Finally, the keypad provides an extra layer of convenience for visitors and guests, who don't need a physical key or phone to access your home.

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