Published October 2022

Smart key technology & your home

Written by Level Home Staff

Smart key technology & your home

Switching out your traditional door locks with smart locks can provide extra layers of convenience and security for your home. However, not understanding smart locks and their engineering may make you hesitant to invest in or adopt their high-tech hardware. To help answer your questions, let's look at what a smart key is and outline how smart key technology works, as well as how to set up a smart key lock system.

What is a smart key?

A smart key is a way to lock and unlock a smart lock through smart key technology, not a physical key. For example, you can lock and unlock the Level Lock - Touch Edition using digital keys, auto-lock, and auto-unlock features, voice commands through smart home platforms and smart assistants/speakers Siri and Alexa, smart key cards, and by finger touch. You can customize and manage these access permissions through an associated smart lock app.

What is smart key technology?

Smart key technology automates the locking and unlocking of door locks through the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a connected (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) network of smart devices that communicate with other smart devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, or household gadgets and appliances. These smart devices generally use sensors to detect and decipher user-specific information to determine appropriate action. In the case of smart locks, if an unauthorized person tries unlocking a smart lock on your door, the lock will recognize that person lacks the required "smart key" permission and send an alert to your smartphone. Digital keys sent via the Level app authenticate your guests, so you always know who’s coming and going.

How smart key locks make your home more secure

Features like access permissions, auto lock, log history, and multiple unlocking methods bring several benefits beyond security — like effortless access for those you trust. Through your smart lock app, you can keep control of who accesses your home at all times.

These qualities aside, the hardware of a smart lock is equally essential to protecting your home. All Level locks are Grade 1A locks, which meet the American National Standards Institute’s specifications (ANSI) for the strongest, most secure deadbolt lock. Earning this ANSI-1 rating requires a smart lock to pass rigorous testing, indicating it can withstand considerable forces typical of lock picking, bumping, and drilling. Integrating your smart lock with connected devices like a video doorbell such as Ring, Level Keypad, and a security system further help provide access to your home.

Setting up a smart key lock system for your home

Setting up a smart lock system first involves researching smart locks and their requirements, such as bolt length measurements and compatibility with smart speakers or home security systems. Ensure you look for a smart lock, like Level Lock, that is easy to install.

Once you've made your selection, you can install your smart lock. Exact instructions for installing a smart lock will vary among models and manufacturers. However, directions will include some general steps such as:

  • Remove the existing lock, bolt, and bolt plate.

  • Check that the new bolt plate, bolt strike plate, and bolt housing fit.

  • Install the included new bolt and motor.

  • Attach the included key cylinder and paddle housing.

  • Test the new bolt.

  • Install the included new strike plate.

  • Install the included new battery.

  • Download and install the associated smart lock app.

  • Test the smart lock with its app.

  • Connect the smart lock to a home automation hub like Apple’s HomeKit, or home security system like Ring.

Smart key technology: The first step to improving home security

Understanding how a smart lock's smart key technology controls locking and unlocking your door is the first step toward providing a higher level of home security. Buying a Level lock Grade 1A smart lock for your home, setting up a smart lock system, and ensuring you keep your hardware updated with firmware are the final steps to improving your home security.

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