Published February 2023 | Updated March 2024

How Smart Locks Make Sharing Access Easy

Written by Level Home Staff

Guest access is easy with Level locks

Before we had smart locks, anyone who needed access to the other side of a locked door required a physical key. But it was difficult, for example, to get a key to someone before you could give them a copy in person.

Given the advances in technology and security, a physical key seems old school now. Smart lock guest access is the new standard and makes sharing home access easy and versatile. Smart locks can be unlocked in many different ways, which allows you to control access on the go. And yes, you can still use old-fashioned keys if you like.

Level locks have the most advanced smart lock technology to make sharing access secure and simple. For a look at how to conveniently share access with your Level lock, read on to explore.

Add guests in the Level Home app

Have a guest that visits your home frequently? You can allow others access to your lock by adding them as guests in your app. Adding them as a guest gives them always or temporary access to your home. This feature is useful for people like dog walkers, house cleaners, contractors, caregivers, etc. They’ll receive a guest invitation to download the Level app, and will have access to your lock from their phone during the times you’ve granted them.

Give guests a key card

For those who like a physical object but would rather not bother with a traditional key or phone, keycards (like those used in hotels) can also provide an easy means of controlling and sharing access to your lock. Just like guest access, key cards can be granted or revoked via the app. If someone loses their card, you can immediately remove its permissions via the app to secure your home.

Send a key code

Level Keypad paired with a Level lock is a great choice for those who use smart locks for AirBnB guests or other vacation rentals. Key codes are simple and easy to share and manage. Your guest or visitor does not need the Level app or a key card; they simply enter the code you have provided them to unlock the door. When in Bluetooth range of your lock and keypad, codes can be assigned individually and removed once a guest has left, so there is no risk of code-sharing with unauthorized people.

Unlock remotely

A frequently asked question is: "Can I unlock my Level Lock remotely?" Absolutely. With your lock connected to Apple home, the Home app on your iPhone allows you to unlock your door any time you like, as long as you have access to the internet. This option is convenient for emergencies or unexpected visitors. If you have a doorbell camera installed, you can verify the identity of the person at the door before opening it, too.

Welcome guests in with ease

These are only a few of the many ways you can share and secure your smart lock guest access with Level. We all have different levels of comfort when it comes to unlocking the door - some prefer using an app, while others may prefer a code. Level makes it easy for homeowners and guests to always have a way in.

Explore our support page for answers to the most common questions, and follow us on social media (Instagram @levelhome, TikTok @levelhomeinc) for more ways to share access.