Published February 2023 | Updated April 2024

8 Best Smart Home Products for Pet Lovers

Written by Level Home Staff

Smart pet tech & gadgets for your furry friends

We all treasure the opportunity to love and to be loved by our pets. This year, National Love Your Pet Day is Monday, Feb. 20 — a perfect time to show your pet some love on the heels of Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate the day by:

  • Heading out to explore a new trail, beach, or park

  • Giving your pet a new toy, a special treat, or a massage

  • Treating your pet to a photo shoot, then posting your favorites with the hashtag #NationalLoveYourPetDay

  • Donating to your favorite pet charity

8 Best smart home products for pet lovers

You can also get more high-tech in how you show your pet some love these days. Here is a list of smart home devices and pet apps offering convenience and peace of mind.

1. Best smart pet feeder: The Dogness Automatic Dog/Cat Camera Feeder

The Dogness Automatic Smart Camera Pet Feeder makes it possible to feed, view, and speak to your pet from anywhere at any time. Schedule automated feedings — up to 20 per day. It's also possible to choose the manual option with the push of a button on the feeder or on your smartphone. The large-capacity hopper holds up to 6 liters of dry food, and you can enjoy accurate portion control.

Play a pre-recorded message at meal times, such as “Cooper, it’s time to eat.” You can also share access to the camera and feeder with other family members or your dog sitter. Up to five smartphone users can view and feed your pet. Use the built-in HD camera to send photos and videos directly to your smartphone, eliminating cloud storage fees.

2. Best dog activity monitor: FitBark 2

The FitBark 2 is a dog activity and sleep monitor designed as a waterproof wearable. Keep tabs on daily pet activity and sleep. Get actionable insights into your pet’s health, and note changes in behavior. The FitBark2 makes it easier for both owners and vets to make decisions about nutrition and mobility. The device links with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple HealthKit.

3. Best smart home security for pet owners: Level Lock

Have you ever taken your dog for a walk and forgotten your keys? Enjoy effortless home access with Level Lock. Operate this smart home security device with your smartphone, voice, or a traditional key. Grant access to family, friends, and dog walkers alike.

With Level Lock-Touch Edition, you can also enter by tapping a card or with a simple touch of a finger. Level Bolt makes it possible to update an existing deadbolt while maintaining your home’s design integrity. Level's smart home devices work with Apple Home, so they're easy to integrate into your smart home security landscape.

4. Best interactive pet camera: PetCube Play 2

Keep an eye on your pet when you're away with PetCube Play 2. The device includes a Wi-Fi-enabled, interactive 1080p HD camera offering a wide 160-degree view, night vision, and 4x digital zoom. Enjoy two-way communication via a 4-microphone array with speaker bar. Better yet, remotely control the interactive laser toy to play with your pet. When you're busy, set the low-intensity laser to autoplay mode.

5. Best GPS pet tracker: Tractive

The ASPCA reported the results of a survey indicating that 15% of cat and dog owners had lost their pet at some point during a five year period. Knowing where your pet is at all times delivers real peace of mind. GPS tracking is a smart, modern solution. For example, the Tractive GPS LTE Tracker is a low-cost, highly rated option. Receive alerts when your pet enters or exits a “safe zone” that you define. PC Mag rates it the quickest GPS tracker for escape alerts.

Tractive's basic subscription plan includes GPS tracking and unlimited live tracking. It also monitors activity and sleep. Select from monthly, annual, and two-year plans. The latter option works out to about $5 per month. The manufacturer estimates the battery will last up to five days, and you can monitor battery life through the app.

6. Best home access for dog walkers: Level Keypad

Level Keypad paired with a Level lock is a smart home solution that gives your dog walker easy access to your home. Simply provide them with a unique key code to allow home access. The rear-illuminated keypad is easy to use, day or night. On the way out, your dog walker simply presses the checkmark button for one-touch locking. It comes in handy for cleaners, contractors, and out-of-town family members, as well.

7. Best pet door: Sureflap

Pet Door Connect is the world’s first app-controlled microchip pet door. The sensor-driven pet door prevents intruder animals from entering your home. Do you have lots of pets to care for? Not to worry — the sensor stores as many as 32 ID numbers in its memory. Check microchip compatibility on the manufacturer's website.

8. Best city guide app for dog owners: BarkHappy

Among the best apps for dog owners is BarkHappy. Think of it as a kind of social media for dog lovers. Send "wags" and messages to nearby dogs and their owners. With BarkHappy, you can arrange group play dates with friends. Identify upcoming dog-friendly events as well. In the event of a lost dog, you can send out an alert to other users in the area. Include your dog’s photo and important information.

Do the smart thing for your pet

“There’s an app for that” is a common mantra among smartphone users. It applies to the best apps for pets as well! Among the best apps for dog walkers and dog sitters are Rover, Wag!, and PetBacker. Other best apps for pet owners include those devoted to first aid, dog sitting, training, and scheduling.

With today's smart tech, you can bet there's something for every kind of pet lover. This year, celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with a smart home product that both you and your pet will love.

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