Published October 2022

Top 10 Tips to Give Your House a Halloween Makeover

Written by Level Home Staff

10 tips to give your house a Halloween makeover

With the scariest holiday just around the corner, you may be looking for fresh and easy decorating ideas for the ultimate Halloween house makeover. Whether you opt for store-bought decorations or decide to make them yourself with friends or family members, we're here to inspire you and give you last-minute tips that make a difference.

Browse our selection of creative Halloween ideas for door, window, and porch decorations, and rest assured that your house will make a spookily good impression on your guests and neighbors.

1. Carved Pumpkins

This Halloween staple doesn't take long to make and can be a fun group activity. If you want to stand out, you can take carved pumpkins to the next level by painting them, decorating them with candy, stacking and assembling them into spooky animals, or turning them into slimy candy holders on your front porch.

2. Door Wreath

A door decoration on Halloween is a must as the front entrance is the hub for trick-or-treaters interactions. You can opt for a minimalistic black wreath covered in plastic spiders, an intricate design with skulls and flowers, or a cheap and effective DIY wreath made of twigs glued on a cardboard ring and decorated with stretchy artificial spider webs.

3. Halloween Light Projector

You may associate light projectors with Christmas decorations, but you can also get plenty of cheap, yet compelling Halloween designs to embellish your house exterior after dark. The most common light patterns have ghosts, skulls, bats, evil pumpkins, and witches, and you can also get two-in-one Halloween and Christmas light projectors if you want to save more.

4. Cobwebs and Spiders

Let your imagination run wild with super-stretchy cotton cobwebs and plastic spiders of all colors and sizes. You can use them to dress up the bushes in front of the house, the walls, windows, and even the front door. Make sure to also add a few spiders that glow in the dark.

5. Door Cover

Covering the front door with a fun Halloween print fabric is one of the easiest ways to spook up your entrance. You can also splatter fake blood on an old bedsheet and instantly turn it into a creepy door cover if you don't want to buy a ready-made one. Make sure the holes you cut for the door handle and lock don't ruin the Halloween effect. Keep in mind that a smart lock would be very useful on Halloween, because you can monitor and control it remotely if you're away from the house during trick-or-treating.

6. Window Stickers

You can buy removable glowing stickers that are specially made to cling to windows and mirrors or hang handmade paper bats and ghosts. If you're especially ambitious, try designing your own web out of long strips of tape and cover an entire window with it.

7. Animated Skeleton

Get a light-up skeleton with an eerie voice and hang it at the entrance — the bigger the better. Make sure it's sound-activated so that it can be triggered when trick-or-treaters approach the door and ask for candy. Extra scary points if it can also move its hands!

8. Halloween Doormat

Besides decorating the door, walls, windows, and lawn, you can also add a Halloween touch to the porch floor. It can be a spooky coir doormat from the store or one you make yourself with the help of a free Halloween stencil and spray paint or a foam brush and acrylic paint.

9. Front Porch Ghosts

With nothing but a pair of scissors, you can turn plain white sheets or cheesecloth into frightening ghosts in a matter of minutes. Consider draping the cloth on white balloons and drawing black eyes on them for added effect. You can hang them in the front door area and have them move with the wind.

10. Halloween Garlands

Paper garlands are easy to make and can be a fun Halloween craft for children. Use regular office paper to make a ghost garland, orange paper for a pumpkin one, and black paper for a garland of spiders or bats. Mix them with store-bought light garlands and you can decorate your windows and entrance in no time.

Your Halloween house makeover made easy with Level

With so many options for how to decorate a door for Halloween, you will definitely find the winning one for your style and crowd. For the best results, remember to back up your Halloween door decoration with spooky windows, a light show, and plenty of lawn and patio ornaments. A Level lock on your front door will not only complement your Halloween decor, it will keep you safe too. Trick or treat?