Published February 7th, 2024

7 Popular Door Hardware Finishes

Written by Level Home Staff

7 Popular finishes for door hardware

The entryway of your home is the first place visitors see and acts as a familiar touchpoint as you come and go in your daily life. The right hardware and finish on your door adds curb appeal to your home, while setting the tone for the rest of your sacred space inside.

Choosing a finish for your door hardware that matches your style can be challenging, especially considering the wide variety of options and trends. Adding to your options, finishes from different suppliers and manufacturers usually look different. They may have the same names, but the finish will be slightly different so if you’re not careful you can end up with mismatched hardware.

Read on to explore the primary finishes of door hardware that have proven to be timeless.

1. Matte black

Matte black door handle and deadbolt on white door with white trim and light grey siding.

Matte black is a stylish finish that adds a modern, dramatic touch to a house. It reflects very little light and hides fingerprints well, maintaining a clean, fresh look. Matte black seems to be a trending finish every year due to its versatile aesthetic appeal – from rustic farmhouses to ultramodern homes, you will find matte black hardware is a popular choice among designers and homeowners alike.

2. Satin nickel

Satin nickel door handle and lock on black door with white molding and grey siding.

Satin nickel has a smooth appearance that hides fingerprints and abrasions. This finish has a balanced, non-reflective texture similar to stainless steel. The warm silver finish stands out the most against dark colors like navy blue or black.

Satin finishes have a smooth, uniform appearance. The softer appearance of the metal diffuses light for a quiet glow. Fingerprints and watermarks are less visible on these finishes, so they are ideal for high-use hardware such as kitchen cabinets and doors.

3. Satin chrome

Satin chrome finish on a door lever and deadbolt, shown on a white door with white trim and grey siding.

Satin chrome has a contemporary look that complements most styles. It is usually used for commercial applications but also works well for homes. Door hardware with a satin chrome finish gives you the shine associated with chrome with a smooth, soft finish that diffuses light.

4. Polished brass

Polished brass finish on front door knob and deadbolt, shining in the light. Shown on white door with white trim and grey siding.

Polished brass is a shiny gold finish usually covered with lacquer to prevent it from wearing out over time. It is a classic look and fits seamlessly into almost any house style.

Polished finishes are highly reflective and offer a bright, shiny surface. These finishes have a clean appearance that adds some sparkle to your door. However, they can lose their dazzle with too many fingerprints, so these finishes are best for hardware with less hand traffic.

5. Oil rubbed bronze

Oil rubbed bronze is a warm toned, dark-brown finish that seamlessly fits into many styles and looks particularly great alongside stone. Warm colors like burnt orange and scarlet will pair best with an oil rubbed bronze finish. The finish will also change with use, evolving its appearance over time.

6. Aged bronze

Aged bronze is a popular finish in everything from victorian-style homes to farmhouses. This finish is very dark, almost matte black, with lighter and shinier bronze at the edges. It has a “worn” appearance, making it ideal for a cozy, lived-in style. Aged bronze can also look great in more modern-style homes and it generally pairs well with warm-tones.

7. Brushed nickel

Brushed nickel is a warm-toned silver color with a matte appearance. Like satin nickel, it hides fingerprints and blemishes well due to its “brushed” looking matte surface. This finish is fairly neutral and pairs well with any home style, though its warm tones make it a perfect choice for warmer designs.

Can you mix door hardware finishes?

You can mix door hardware finishes, but it’s best to consider how they pair together first. Something like aged bronze could pair nicely with a matte black, if they have similar tones. However, you probably want to think twice about pairing a brushed and satin nickel because the two are so similar it could end up looking like you simply have mismatched hardware.

How to select the right finish for your home

The finish you select for your door hardware sets the tone for the space inside. Are you looking for a finish that makes a bold statement or one that meshes with your house’s design elements?

You’ll likely use the same hardware for several years, so put in the effort to find a finish you love. From polished brass to matte black, every door hardware finish has its own aesthetic appeal. Only you know what works for you.

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