Published April 3rd, 2024

Are Level locks secure?

Written by Level Home staff | Fact checked by Eric Schoneberger

Are Level locks secure?

Level lock batteries are housed in the deadbolt, which means the bolt is hollow. It’s no secret the hollow bolt could be a concern people have with Level locks, but is the hollow bolt really a problem? Read on to learn why Level locks being insecure is a myth.

Inside a deadbolt lock

Did you know the inside of the bolt of standard deadbolts isn’t solid either? The bolt tube of most deadbolts is hollow, so the hollow tube of a Level lock isn’t much different than what you would get with other deadbolt locks.

Watch Jon Rettinger cut open a deadbolt and see for yourself that standard residential deadbolts are hollow.

Is a hollow deadbolt secure?

The only way to know for sure how secure any lock is would be to check the rating.

The current ANSI grading system has 3 grades; Grade 1 being the highest awarded to the strongest locks, then Grade 2, and finally Grade 3. ANSI grading for deadbolts is about overall strength, which contributes to product longevity, as well as resistance to forced entry attempts. Separately, there is a BHMA grading system that rates residential hardware, like locks, with letters A, B, or C based on security, durability, and finish; the best possible BHMA grade is AAA.

Want to learn more about door lock grading and hardware? Check out our Door Hardware Guide.

Level locks meet the highest security standards

Level locks meet the highest industry standards for residential security; certified ANSI Grade 1 and BHMA AAA Rated.

The AAA certification by BHMA means our locks meet the highest standards for security, durability, and finish. Our locks are able to achieve an ANSI grade 1 rating because we use high-quality materials like 440C stainless steel for the bolt tube, which is a corrosion-resistant material most commonly used in large-scale industrial applications requiring high strength and high hardness.

On the digital side of things, the Level Home app uses the most secure encryption standards available to protect the communication between the lock, cloud, and phone.

Ready to learn more about Level locks?

Explore Level locks to see how security and functionality have been melded with expertly crafted design, or, learn more about Level lock security and tech specs.

Download Level's BHMA Certificate A156.40 for Residential Deadbolts

Download Level's BHMA Certificate A156.18 for Materials and Finishes