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A More Welcoming Home

When we look around our homes today, we see opportunity. We see “smart” products that lack utility and connected devices that push us further apart. We see consumers with high expectations, current standards set too low, and products that simply fail to deliver. But most importantly, we see people—families, friends, and loved ones doing the things they do every day in the place they feel their happiest.

“So, we’re redefining 'smart' to center around thoughtfulness, practicality, and the people who make the problem worth solving.”

At Level, we take a unique approach—one that shifts focus from what we make to how we make it and who we make it for; one that results in elegant and impactful solutions; one that raises the bar for the connected home. This all starts with empathy—with a blank slate, zero assumptions, and an open mind. Because people are at the heart of what we do, and respecting their style, choices, and preferences is the only way to uncovering a thoughtful solution that truly improves their daily lives. When we finally sit down to design, we couple that unbridled curiosity with deep expertise to make “smart” mean simple, intuitive, and useful.

So when we look at the front door, we see more than just an entryway. We see family members coming and going. We see friends dropping by. We see a gateway by which all of the amazing people enrich our homes and our lives. And we’re designing something to make it just that.

Meet the Level Lock. Designed to fit invisibly inside the deadbolt you already have. Engineered from the ground up for efficiency, reliability and quality you can trust. The Level Lock offers you and your loved ones a world of new ways to say “welcome home”.