Thinkers. Makers. Dreamers.

At Level, we foster a culture of making. Coupling deep expertise with unabashed curiosity, we strive to make people's everyday better and push the boundaries of what technology can do.

Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, our team is made up of experienced engineers and product designers from some of the most recognizable technology companies in the world.

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House in the forestSee the everyday differently.
John Martin and Ken Goto, Founders

Take a closer look.

At Level, we don’t just design products for the house. We design them for the people who make it a home.

Our products embody our core belief — technology shouldn’t be intrusive. For us, it’s not about changing the way you live your life, but creating solutions that blend seamlessly into your everyday, enhancing your routine, and providing practical convenience when you need it most.

— John Martin and Ken Goto, Founders

It’s all in the approach.

We begin at Square Zero. A blank slate where we carve out the space to ask thoughtful questions, challenge assumptions, and imagine, “what if.”

Our team breaks each problem down to its components, identifying the constraints and parameters. We challenge existing standards and redefine what “smart” can be.

Level chip in black and white
Level teamwork

Ordinary to extraordinary.

We design products for problems worth solving, the little things often taken for granted. Our elegant and impactful solutions raise the bar on the connected home, by making smart innovation invisible.

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